Starting the Site From Scratch (again)


This site used to be home for a multitude of retro video game roms which I chose to remove from the site due to privacy issues. Instead, I plan to make the domain a hub to host a variety of things in which I may or may not post in the future.
This idea was started today (1-3-2020), with the first topic which I thought would be of my own interest was simply re-creating the website from scratch with a few topics in mind: Cryptocurrency, Blog-type posts, and pretty much anything else which has peaked my interest lately that might be useful to share with others.

Cryptocurrency is now far beyond me with the reason being, that I’ve lost touch with anything related to it.

But since I do not. and never really did, take this seriously, and, actually ‘cashed’ out the small amount I ever held a few years ago, and today hold 0 of anything, I will, soon, (possibly) stick with a plan of keeping a whole of 3 to 4 currencies, small amounts of each, and store the wallets on a hard drive device, and store it off-line and think “This could be worth Millions one day or nothing”, and not care.
The choices for my self are: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether and ??? The fourth is undecided, but I am leaning towards the choice of Monero.

My thoughts on each coin:
Bitcoin: The first one, I don’t think it can fail itself (Note later I have an explanation why it might)
Ether: Popularity and the way it works makes me think it’s a good idea. The token system, application of it, etc.
Dogecoin: Because it’s funny.
Monero: The coin is based off of Bytecoin, and is untraceable unlike Bitcoin and most other coins. Bytecoin, from my understanding, was heavily premined, and there is some ludicrous story behind the creation of it might be of interest to look into.

Why Bitcoin (or similar), may fall,

One day, I started to reason some things about Bitcoin. I reasoned that, the network and coin could, in the future, simply fail and implode into nothing.

The reason and cause of this would pertain to the way the Private and Public key relationships work; Even though the private key of any public key is finely encrypted through a complicated series of encryption patterns, I think, since every private key is related to exactly one public key, and vice versa, with programming and programmers getting smarter, and with programmed AI on the rise, a bright group of people could, possibly, solve patterns of the keys, as they have been trying (The topic of Rainbow tables are an example from my understanding of trying to find patterns in this type of area).

With this in mind, I think it’s possible someone could find a way to know the private key of a public, through the method, lets say, which I don’t know if it’s possible though I imagine it to be, to create a program through code to find a pattern to simply figure out a private key out of a public key, since each corresponds to another.

But it’s possible this could never happen, or it would be too difficult. I have read about the practice of ‘brute forcing’ a public key’s private key, but the point of the articles I read was that it would take computers beyond our time to calculate all the possibilities fast enough to ever figure out a key, in a human lifetime.

So, if this happened, the group of people, would obviously, after all the work, simply steal large amounts of bitcoin simply by doing something like taking a look at a “rich list”, for example, which is all public.

One of the keys could be a countries holding of Bitcoin, and with the private key imported into the user’s wallet with a simple copy and paste, they would have that all in their possession.

(I stopped writing this abruptly; and this is today with site installed , but I don’t have any more thoughts on it.)

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